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A traditional Arabic tent majlis seating with comfortable floor cushions and rich



We specialize in creating luxurious and modern Arabic Majlis seating areas that are a testament to our rich cultural heritage blended with modern design elements.

Our expert team of designers is dedicated to make Majlis interiors that are aesthetically pleasing and rooted in the traditions of Arabic hospitality. Each design is a unique blend of comfort of majlis sofas, elegance, and functionality of moder Dubai lifestyle.


We specialize in designing Arabic majlis for both men and women, ensuring that these social spaces blend cultural heritage with contemporary comfort. Our expert team is adept at crafting majlis interiors that honor the rich traditions of Arabic hospitality while incorporating modern amenities and design elements. Whether you prefer a classic majlis setup with opulent carpets and plush floor cushions or a more contemporary approach with elegant furniture and sophisticated décor, we are committed to bringing your vision to life.

A modern majlis sitting


We offer a diverse range of Italian furniture for a majlis that bring a touch of European sophistication to your space. Each item is carefully selected to ensure it meets our high standards of luxury, comfort, and durability.

A grand, open-plan modern Arabic majlis with minimalist furniture and large windows allowing natural light to flood in

Custom-made Majlis sofas

In addition to our Italian furniture collection, we specialize in manufacturing custom-made Majlis sofas. Our bespoke service allows you to design a Majlis that is uniquely yours, blending traditional Arabic aesthetics with your personal style. Our skilled craftsmen work to create sofas that are stunning and offer great comfort and quality.

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    A traditional Arabic tent majlis seating with comfortable floor cushions and rich


    Our tent majlis designs are a unique blend of traditional charm and contemporary comfort. We specialize in creating captivating spaces that embody the rich cultural heritage of the Arab world, while infusing modern elements for a fresh twist

    The classic design of this majlis seating includes hand-woven rugs and ornate pillows, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.


    Each majlis is thoughtfully designed with attention to detail, from the selection of luxurious fabrics and intricate patterns to the placement of elegant, handcrafted furnishings. We ensure that every aspect of the design reflects the warmth and hospitality intrinsic to Arabic culture. Our tent majlis setups provide an inviting and authentic atmosphere, perfectly tailored to your preferences and lifestyle. Experience the perfect fusion of tradition and modernity with our expertly crafted tent majlis designs.

    A vibrant and colorful Arabic tent majlis, adorned with bright cushions and flowing curtains, providing a lively and festive ambiance.

    We offer comprehensive turn-key services for designing and executing tent majlises, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish. Our team handles everything from initial concept design to final setup, incorporating your personal style and requirements into every aspect. With our expertise, you can expect a hassle-free process resulting in a beautifully crafted majlis tent ready for any occasion.

    Majlis Interior Design Cost

    Our pricing is as bespoke as our designs, tailored to fit the unique needs and preferences of each client.

    The cost of a Majlis interior design project varies based on several factors:

    1. Size and Scope: The dimensions of your space and the complexity of the design play a significant role in determining the cost.
    2. Materials and Finishes: We use a range of high-quality materials, from luxurious fabrics to exclusive woods. The choice of materials significantly influences the overall cost.
    3. Furnishings and Decor: Whether you opt for custom-made bespoke Majlis sofas or select from our exquisite range of Italian furniture, the furnishings you choose will impact the budget.
    4. Customization Level: The extent of customization, from unique color palettes to tailor-made layouts, can also affect the cost.
    5. Installation and Execution: Our professional installation services ensure precision and quality, factored into the overall price.

    We invite you to schedule a consultation with our design experts to discuss your vision for your Majlis. During this session, we can provide a more detailed and personalized estimate based on your specific requirements.

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